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Tech Trouble at Home?

You just got off work and are ready to fire up your laptop to stream that new season of Stranger Things, but uh won't turn on.

Don't panic! Paradox has you covered.



Computer Repair & Installation

In our experience it's not if it breaks, but when it breaks. If you are experiencing a problematic computer, come see us and we will handle the rest. If you prefer newer parts to be installed, we do that too!

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Secure Services

Nobody wants a hacker to steal their info or their computer to get infected with task slowing viruses. That's why Paradox locks down your network and keeps your computers safe. Our goal is to protect you, your family, and your data.

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Remote Assistance

Need a hand with that? Our experienced staff can connect to your computer via ConnectWise and take control of your system to find out what's wrong quickly.

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