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Remote and

On Site Support

Keyboard and Mouse

A properly maintained and protected computer is the paradigm to Paradox's standard. We have over 30 years of experience and know our tech inside and out. From finding commercial IT solutions for businesses to computer services for individuals, Paradox has an answer.


Our availability is both onsite at our Wilmington location and abroad.


We cover New Hanover, Columbus, Pender, and Brunswick counties.

Secure IT Solutions
Wilmington, NC

Secure IT Solutions

Residential Services

Residential IT Services
Suburb Houses

From overheating CPU to slow startup speeds, every computer eventually succumbs to a complicated issue needing repair.

Paradox is thorough and capable of finding any problem your system encounters. We will diagnose the issue and help find the proper solution for you.

Need an upgrade to your computer? Paradox can help install parts to your rig.


Whether it be a CPU replacement, new LED fan setup, or cable management, we understand how to properly assemble the goods. In addition, we offer Microsoft Office 365 activation assistance.

At Paradox, we care deeply about your most precious asset: Your data.

If your system hasn't been checked by an experienced third-party in the past, odds are you have a regulatory risk and compliance exposure.

Coming across a complicated software issue for a not so complicated task? Paradox understands.

Our Wilmington, NC IT support can help troubleshoot your issue in a matter of hours to help increase your productivity.

Virus Trojan Horse

Computers can fail over time or get infected with malware, spyware, and viruses.

We can help backup your data before it's too late, or assist in recovering data on a failing hard drive.

Utilize remote IT support to get to the root of your problem.

Simply install the required software which allows us to access your computer.

We use ConnectWise for this service.

Commercial IT Services
Remote Assistance

Commercial Services

If a server goes down, we will begin working on the issue as soon as possible.


Paradox Computers understands the importance of your system for your business. That's why we take monitoring your systems seriously. 

Know what's going on with your systems with Paradox helping you every step of the way.


We monitor your tech via intelligent software that can prevent a catastrophic hardware failure before it hits.

Defend your technology against the unthinkable with our contract service IT support.


Our number one priority is making sure your technological needs are met in a timely manner.

Rod of Asclepius

Paradox specializes in Dental and Electronic Medical Record solutions, server installations, & support.

We offer a multitude of E-Business services, such as Network & ISP Setup,

HIPPA Compliant Privacy & Audit Assistance,

Regularly Scheduled Maintenance,

Hardware Repair & Upgrades & more.

Get the help you need right at your fingertips.

Install the required remote software and we'll handle the issue.

We use Wise Connect for this service.


       “You know the feeling. Lots of work to do on Monday morning and screens. Gary listened to my description of what happened and was at my door that same morning. He had the right part and everything cleaned up and running in less than an hour for a price that was more than fair. I appreciate Gary's professionalism and ease of communication. Paradox will be my go-to”

Paula Z, 11/09/2021

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